Plaited leather dog lead 43"
Plaited leather dog lead 43"
Plaited leather dog lead 43"
Plaited leather dog lead 43"
Plaited leather dog lead 43"

Plaited leather dog lead 43"


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Plaited leather for distinctive style with an elegant twist.

This beautifully finished leather dog lead features a swivel trigger clip to stop the lead becoming twisted, a flat leather handle, a brass D-ring for adjustable length .

Length: 110cm.

Colour: Tan


Measuring Your Dog

Measuring your dog is important as sizes for dog collars and clothing can be confusing. We recommend you measure your dog using the guidelines shown below and choose the size giving the most room. Remember, any collars should fit comfortably and snug without any restriction or tightness. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes an the information shown below is for guidance only. We are happy to exchange items for alternative sizes where available.


There are 2 ways in which you can determine the right size collar for your dog.

Option 1:
Measure you dogs old collar (if it’s the right size). To do this, lay the collar out and use a tape measure from the outer edge of the buckle to the hole used. This will give you the correct size.

Option 2:
Measure your dogs neck. To do this, use a tape to measure how you want thecollar to fit around your dogs neck. It should have enough room so it’s not tight but not too loose that the head slips through. A rough gauge is to allow two fingers to fit easily under the tape whilst measuring.

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